Web3 users can now register decentralized .eth domains on the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) protocol using a host of fiat payment options, including Apple Pay, and Google Pay, as well as debit and credit cards,

ENS announced the launch of a new fiat on-ramp for domain registrations through Web3 fiat payment gateway MoonPay on April 20. Registrations of .eth domains previously had to be paid for using Ether (ETH) via cryptocurrency wallets, which was cited as a barrier to entry for prospective Web3 users.

MoonPay’s service has been integrated into the ENS website, while the platform also launched version 3 of its user interface to streamline sign-ups. This is aimed at eliminating the need for multiple transaction approvals previously required with cryptocurrency wallets.

A statement from ENS founder Nick Johnson highlighted the service’s focus on making Web3 “human-readable” to simplify the process of obtaining decentralized digital identities. ENS allows users to map human-readable names like “cointelegraph.eth” to machine-readable information like cryptocurrency addresses and URLs:

“This allows us to reach those who are either just entering the space or who are not yet comfortable with transacting and would prefer to use the currency and payment form they understand best.”

The upgrade of ENS’s platform is also touted to expand its usability beyond a primary use-case of creating human-readable names for wallets to replace numerical addresses typically generated by wallet service providers, platforms and blockchain protocols.

ENS users can use names to host censorship-resistant websites, which can be linked to conventional domain name service (DNS) addresses already in use.

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MoonPay’s vice president of partnerships, Bree Blazak, highlighted the integration with ENS as a means to create a simple payment experience for new users looking to obtain digital identities or decentralized domains:

“Our partnership with ENS delivers that by making it possible to buy a .eth name with some of the most familiar payment methods available.”

Ethereum Name Service hasseen over 2.3 million names created from more than 550,000 unique addresses. As Cointelegraph previously explored, decentralized domain name registrations have been on the rise over the past two years.

Both ENS and Unstoppable Domains have become leading platforms onboarding new users to the world of Web3 and decentralized identities. The latter also partnered with MoonPay to incorporate nonfungible token domains in transactions on the platform in July 2022.

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