American venture capital investor and entrepreneur Tim Draper took the master stage at Paris Blockchain Week 2023 to give his keynote speech on, “The Decentralization of Everything” which he ended with a self-composed Bitcoin song. 

The speech opened by touching on the general distrust of cryptocurrencies – primarily Bitcoin (BTC) – from centralized governments. “I think they are absolutely panicking right now,” he said.

Draper particularly angled his thoughts through the lens of the recent Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) crisis, which he called a “crisis of trust.”

“They have shaken our confidence in the banking system… What a really strong leader would do is build that trust back. Trust the banks that now remain and set them free.”

However, according to the investor, a smooth transition out of these latest bank failures will not be likely under the current leadership in the United States. He signaled to the recent remarks against cryptocurrencies stemming from the White House. 

His whole speech boiled down to his belief that an inevitable change is coming stemming from decentralized financial tools like Bitcoin, and called it a “drumbeat that keeps coming and coming.” 

“Everything got wealthier as more liquidity was created for the world – every time there was a leap in currency. We’re going through an anthropological change, which is hard for people. A lot of people resist it.”

He continued saying that weak leaders will be revealed by those who resist it. Whereas strong leaders embrace it and are looking for this change. He concluded his speech with a 3-minute song, which wrote and performed. 

According to Draper the song was written four years ago but more relevant than ever today. It touched on Satoshi, Bitcoin, banks, governments and the want for a new world order. 

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Before he began he dedicated the song to SVB and “all the banks that have failed and will fail.”

“And I dedicated to all those governments that if they don’t trust their people and set them free, they will also fail, and their currencies will also fail.

The song got a round of applause from the audience, as well as the panelists who followed Draper on the master stage. 

He concluded his time by saying blockchain, Bitcoin and smart contracts are making up one of the “greatest transitions in the history of the world,” and it should be embraced.

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