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Ask a savvy pet owner or parent what their favorite brand of rug is and there’s a good chance they’ll say it’s Ruggable. This brand is known for its machine-washable chenille rugs that aren’t merely practical, they’re comfortable and beautifully designed. Ruggable offers hundreds of options in a variety of sizes, shapes (including circular and square rugs) and styles. Whether it’s a traditional vintage-inspired aesthetic, a modern design created in collaboration with famed designer Jonathan Adler or a floral print to provide a fresh touch of texture in contemporary space—it’s easy to understand why this brand has such a loyal following.

Ruggable rugs are also some of the most durable options on the market. This is because, in addition to being machine-washable, they’re also water-resistant and stain resistant. Better yet, every rug is made to order, which is a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of manufacturing than having a large inventory.

The brand was founded by Jeneva Bell, who first came up with the idea when her dog ruined a new rug. While many textiles are machine-washable such as towels and sheets, Bell wondered why the rugs available on the market at that time were not. After all, there’s nothing that attracts debris and allergens in the home more than rugs do. These essential accessories can also quickly become destroyed by pets and children or adults being irresponsible with wine.

With a background in product design, Bell created a prototype. In 2012, she launched Ruggable as a business venture and brought on a team of investors in 2017.

On February 14th, 2023, Ruggable will launch one of their most innovative materials to date—premium medium pile rugs.

Ruggable Premium Medium Pile Rugs

Ruggable’s current Classic Chenille Rugs (called “Rug Covers”) are 2 millimeters thick or five millimeters with a flat rug pad. The brand new premium medium pile rugs are seven millimeters high or ten millimeters including a flat pad. Thicker pads called “cushioned” pads are also available. Pads are essential to Ruggable’s system because they are engineered to cling to both the rug and flooring. This not only prevents the rug from coming up and slipping around but also makes it far easier to put the rug back in the proper place after being washed. Ruggable’s proprietary 2-piece rug system was the first of its kind to market.

Rob Vera, Chief Product Officer of Ruggable tells me, “Our new Premium Medium Pile texture is the latest example of how Ruggable continues to push the boundaries when it comes to washable innovation and the way we’re able to continue to evolve our technology. This new product is the height of comfort with its luxurious feel—while combining elevated design with practical washability and durability.”

This new line also feels softer underfoot. “The Rug Cover is constructed with premium tufting and has a cushioned texture that is three times thicker than our Classic Chenille Rug Cover. Despite the thickness, this Rug Cover has the same washability and durability customers expect from Ruggable,” says Vera.

The collection features a generous selection of 74 colorways across sixteen of the brand’s best-selling designs including Sima Royal Blue, Kamran Soft Pink, and Jonathan Adler Tiger Emerald.

The medium pile line will have many of the same styles and shapes as the brand’s original rugs. However, this line is a better choice for spaces where a cozier touch is needed such as bedrooms, children’s rooms, and nurseries. They’re also smarter for homes where shoes are not worn indoors. “It truly can be placed anywhere [such as] in a bedroom where you’re looking for some extra comfort, a playroom where more time may be spent on the floor, or a chic foyer to make a strong first impression with guests,” says Vera.

However, pile height is simply a preference and these rugs can be used anywhere. “Our Premium Medium Pile texture offers extra softness for peak comfort. It boasts the same washability and durability customers expect from Ruggable, but with added cushion for a luxurious feel underfoot that feels as good as it looks.”

How To Wash Ruggable Rugs

Ruggable rugs are just about as easy to wash as anything else in the laundry. They should be washed alone in the gentle cycle and do not require special detergent. Then the rugs can be tumble dried on low or left out to drip or line dry.

“We believe homes should be beautiful—but also comfortable, functional, and easy to clean. We are at the forefront and continue to pioneer technology in the home category to bring washability to all types of materials. Our Premium Medium Pile Rug Covers can follow the same, easy machine wash instructions as any other texture or [product] we offer.”

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